Processing with trees

Abandoning the studio and theater space.
Turning to nature.
Listening to trees.
Metamorphosing into stone.
Following the ever curving
and undulating.
Slipping on ice,
stumbling on stones,
sliding in snow.
Lying in heather
rain on my face.
Burned out
from modern
soaking in the sun. … More Processing with trees



Anarchy and dissonance.
Four performance/dance makers gather to explore roles and conventions in a site specific performance at a square at Stockholm Culture Festival.
They chose to locate their performance amongst the people passing.

Enwrapped in their own trajectories with their own personal agendas. People try and make their individual ways through a crowd. With no common goal and little regard for the common well-being, the others needs and whereabouts.
A faceless mass of strangers to jostle through oblivious of the possibility to get met at any level by anyone of these unknown.
The performers stay stuck in their individual routines with rare encounters with one another and the people passing. Momentarily breaking the city code of solitary insolence.

Kept together by electroacustic music played live by Jan Liljekvist and Daniel Karlsson.

More Squeerdance


Sapiens? is a site-specific dance-piece that was performed in the different Linnean gardens in Uppsala and it’s vicinities during the uncritical celebrations of the swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist Carl Linnaeus (1707–78).                                             
Sapiens? Sought to bring into light that Linnaeus, in their strive to categorize different life-forms also had racist theories. Theories that have had disastrous effects and laid ground for later historical atrocities in the name of racial superiority.                               
Therefore Linnaeus is not a figure who should uncritically be celebrated but rather to be questioned and used to inform about the swedish colonist, racist past and present.                                
Linnaeus gave humans the latin name Homo Sapiens. Homo meaning man and Sapiens wise. Looking at humans the piece questions wether wise really is an accurate term when it comes to describing mankind. Hence the question mark in the title Sapiens?                               Commissioned by the County Council of Uppsala.             
Dance: Tove Strandell & Anna Lord. Choreography: Anna Lord in collaboration with Tove Strandell. Music: Belakvartet … More Sapiens?


  Live art collective ‘dust’: Louise Kvarby, Karolina Jackson, Anna Lord,  Anna-Karin Nilsson and Anna-Tora Jonasson. Performing with electro music duo ‘1000-types of snow’ with Daniel Borgegård Älgå and Johan Söderling. In a site specific peformance at the Arvika Festival. Photo: Jesper Papmehl-Dufay Anna Lord, Anna-Karin Nilsson and Louise Kvarby in dust. Measuring distances and … More Dust